About Flow Pro Products

about us image systems in productionFlow Pro Products Inc. has been established to meet the Coolant Filtration needs and demands primarily of the metal working industry, however, our expertise reaches into industries and market places requiring filtration of any liquid.

Our company, culminates over 75 years of filtration system design, manufacturing and production expertise. Flow Pro and its team members are committed to providing the highest quality, longest lasting, least maintenance intensive filters and filtration systems available.

Our capabilities range from consultation for coolant or liquid filtration concepts on existing or new equipment, design engineering, manufacturing and installation of single-machine filters to plant-wide filtration systems.

Typical applications utilizing our equipment include the bulk removal of chips and fines on metalworking operations such as grinding, drilling, and stamping, as well as fine grade filtration for tight tolerances such as honing, micro-sizing, and lapping. Non-metalworking and non-magnetic applications are also supported.

We are a supplier of accessories and filtration products consisting of system support equipment, and filter media to support all of your coolant-filtration needs.

Flow Pro Products services the needs of End-users in the manufacturing industry, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the machine tool industry.

Flow Pro also continues to function as a support resource and stocking supplier of replacement parts for equipment originally marketed and manufactured by Flow-Con Industries.