Tier 1 Automotive Supplier in PA

Facility: Tier 1 Automotive Supplier in PA
Affected Operations: High volume production machining cell for steel parts
Equipment Used: Trunion type machine tool
Historical Problems:

Target Points to be met by new filtration included:

Corrective Action:

Flow Pro designed a three-stage filtration system to provide 30 micron coolant clarity on a three shift operation.  Heavy emphasis was placed on designing a system that would require minimal maintenance demands.

The first stage is the removal of stringy chips via a Magnetic Conveyor.  After the Magnetic Conveyor, coolant is then directed to a Magnetic Filter for removal of chips and fines to a 20 to 30 micron nominal filtration level.  The third stage consists of a duplex bag filter to provide final polishing of the coolant prior to pumping back to production machinery.

Costs to operate the system average $.07 per day.