Paper Bed Filtration

Paper Bed Filtration The Paper Bed Filter operates on the principle of a low head of fluid flowing by gravity through filter media. Media is provided in a wide range of porosity to handle varying flow rates, viscosities, and contaminants. The resulting filtration quality is determined by a combination of these factors.

Solids contained in the coolant are retained on the upper surface of the filter material as the fluids pass through. Because the greatest pressure exerted during any time is only approximately 3” of fluid head, fine solids are effectively held back by relatively course materials.

Contaminants continue to build on the paper surface, providing finer and finer grade filtration, until the pores are completely blocked. The level raises inside the filter, and the Fluid Level Probe signals the controls to advance the paper.

The filtering material is fed from a roll on to a conveyor belt that is motor powered and moves only when required. The result is that the filtered contaminants are allowed to dry between advances. Dried swarf along with spent filter media from the Paper Bed are collected in a tote pan for disposal. Filter Media is available in multiple types, micron ratings, and sizes for any application.