Efficient Removal of Graphite from Metalworking Fluids

“When machining cast iron, chip removal from coolant is only part of the challenge,” said a Flow Pro spokesperson. “Graphite released from the machining process quickly fouls traditional filtration media, preventing flow. As a result, concentration of these particles along with the iron particles increases to a point where large volumes of sludge build up in tank bottoms, lines and machine bases, necessitating manual cleaning and shutting down production. Coolant life is reduced and disposal costs escalate. Effective removal of graphite is essential in maximizing coolant life, which in turn maximizes productivity, product quality and overall process operation.”

Flow Pro Products Magnetic filters are designed to provide efficient method of graphite and iron particle removal while utilizing minimum operational and maintenance resources. This is achieved by creating a balance between factors of flow rate, type of coolant and contaminant load.

Utilizing a high intensity extended pole solid core (ferrite or rare earth) permanent magnetic drum, the magnetic filter removes 99% of all solids (by weight) from the fluid. Dirty coolant entering the dirty fluid inlet trough of the filter flows across the magnetic drum. The drum is not rotating, so the largest particles are attracted and held just at the entry to the discharge beneath the unit. As more and more fluid flows into the magnetic field, finer and finer particles are attracted and held. A sponge-like cake is created and acts as a filter media to attract magnetic and non-magnetic graphite particles as well as wheel abrasives, tramp oil, etc.

These filters are designed for fully automatic operation. Each unit contains an adjustable automatic indexing control driven by Flow Pro’s fluid level probe. Contaminants are discharged only when the drum is indexed, resulting in drier particulates and less coolant loss.

Coolant exiting the magnetic filter has an approximate 20 micron or better nominal clarity on most applications. Filtration quality achieved is 99% removal of all solids 20 microns and larger without the use of consumable filtration media.

The filter can be configured and customized to satisfy any plant or process requirement. They are available as stand-alone units or as custom systems specific to an application. Individual units are available in flow rates from 10 gallons per minute up to and including 300 gallons per minute while multiple unit installations can handle flows well in excess of 300 gallons per minute.

The magnetic filters may also be utilized in combination with second stage gravity paper bed filtration where finer filtration is required or as pre-filtration, reducing the loading on other existing filtration processes.

Typical magnetic or combination magnetic/paper bed filter applications and industries served include, but are not limited to, milling, drilling, broaching, turning, honing and grinding. Industry utilization includes automotive, rail, marine, bearing and gearing manufacturing, foundry and pump and valve manufacturing.

Originally Published on MFGnewsweb.com