Featured in Manufacturing News Magazine: Rare Earth Magnetic Filtration for the Metalworking Industry

Rare-Earth-Magnetic-Filtration-for-the-Metalworking-industry-flow-pro-products-inc-webFlow Pro Products’ high-strength rare earth magnetic filters are designed to deliver high-performance filtration levels for minimally ferrous materials such as high-speed steels, tool steels and carbides, and final metalworking processes for close tolerance component manufacturing. According to the company, these filters are capable of maintaining machine tool coolants to 10 um nominal clarity, without the need for consumable filtration media.

“Processes like super-finishing, honing, micro-sizing, lapping and burnishing generate very small particulate and make filtration operations challenging, expensive and maintenance intensive,” said a company spokesperson. “The system is capable of removing solid particulate down to a nominal clarity of 10 um, yielding an average particle loading of 50 PPM or less. These Rare Earth Magnetic Filtration Systems eliminate the operational expenses of purchased filter media and filter-aid powders. They also eliminate the maintenance intensive chores involved in operating complicated filtration processes.

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