Automotive Components Supplier

Facility: Tier 1 Supplier of Automotive Components in IN
Affected Operations: Transfer line machining of cast iron truck differential cases

Historical Problems:

FLOW-PRO-MAGNETIC-PRESSURE-FILTRATION-SYSTEM-INSTALLATION-300x2401-rev1This production line continuously ran behind schedule due to the troublesome vacuum media filter erroneously selected for removal of graphite particles, mixed with E-coat remnants and tramp oil.  Vacuum filtration, in this situation, is notoriously ineffective.  Due to lack of proper filtration performance and migration, down time averaged approximately 20 hours per week.  Target points to be achieved with improved filtration included:

Corrective Action:

Flow Pro Products recommended a two-part solution to respond to the customer’s need for immediate relief.

Part One – Retrofit a partial bypass system based on two 300 gpm Magnetic Filters as a first stage with a pressure filter as a final stage.  This module would be delivered in 4 weeks.

Part Two – Design, manufacture and deliver a system, assist in installation, start up, operator training, and commissioning.

The system was designed so that intermediate hardware supplied in 4 weeks would be integrated into the final design, which yielded additional savings and economy.