Rare Earth Magnetic Filters

rare-earth-magnetic-filtration-system-flow-pro-products-inc-illinois-united-statesFlow Pro’s Rare Earth (Neodymium) Magnetic Filters are designed to provide the most efficient filtration at minimum cost. This is achieved by creating a balance between factors of flow rate, coolant, and contaminant load. Each filter is sized and adjusted to meet the specific application needs.

Our raised pole drum construction incorporates a 360° uninterrupted magnetic field. Each unit contains an adjustable automatic indexing control driven by Flow Pro’s unique Fluid Level Probe. The drum does not continually rotate. Dirty coolant entering the inlet of the magnetic filter flows across the solid magnetic drum. As the coolant flows against the drum, particles are attracted and held. Because the drum is not rotated continuously, the captured contaminants act as filter media to attract additional magnetic particles as well as non-magnetic particles such as wheel abrasives. Contaminants are discharged only when the drum is indexed resulting in drier particulates and less coolant loss.

Coolant leaving standard Model HPN Permanent Magnetic Filters, has an approximate 10 micron nominal coolant clarity and removal of over 99% of all grinding fines over 10 micron without the use of consumable filtration media. Ultimately, the concept results in the most-reliable, ultra-efficient filtration and removal of magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants, from metal-working coolants.

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