Horizontal Chamber Pressure Filter

pf-Horizontal-Chamber-Pressure-Filter-flow-pro-coolant-filtrationHigher Operating Pressures Allow Greater Filtration Efficiencies
The Model PF Pressure Filter is a horizontal chamber, pressurized bed filter utilizing disposable media. The filter features an automatic filter cake drying and indexing cycle which reduces overall maintenance and disposal costs.

Designed to operate at pressures up to 40 PSI with increased dwell times between cycles, a denser filter cake is formed providing optimal particle removal. This allows more coolant to be filtered per square foot, while reducing over-all media consumption, ultimately providing a substantial cost savings. Each system can be configured and customized to satisfy any plant or process requirement. All Model PF Pressure Filters are compatible with most water soluble coolants, oil based coolant as well as straight oil.

When the filter cycle begins, the Pressure Chamber Doors close on each end of the Pressure Chamber and seal against leakage. Dirty fluid is pumped under pressure across a section of disposable filter media stretched across the Platten inside of the Pressure Chamber. Particles suspended in the dirty fluid stream are captured on top of the filter media and a Filter Cake begins to form. This cake grows in thickness as the filter cycle continues trapping smaller and smaller particles, until either a preset amount of time has transpired or the pressure drop across the cake becomes too great and prevents fluid flow. The flow of dirty fluid is interrupted and compressed air is introduced to the Pressure Chamber (Air Blow-down Cycle). This compressed air forces the remaining fluid out of the Pressure Chamber and dries the remaining Filter Cake. At this time the Pressure Chamber Doors open and the cake is discharged along with the dirty filter media. Clean filter media is simultaneously fed into the pressure chamber and the cycle repeats itself. Filter Media is available in multiple types, micron ratings, and sizes for any application.

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