chiller-combo-chills-coolant-with-magnetic-filtration-flow-pro-products-inc-united-statesCombination Magnetic / Paperbed Filters

Utilizing a high intensity solid core (Ferrite or Rare Earth) permanent magnet, the magnetic filter removes 99% of all solids (by weight) from the coolant stream. Each unit contains an adjustable automatic indexing control driven by Flow Pro’s unique Fluid Level Probe. The Paper Bed further polishes the coolant making it ready to be sent back to the process. The Flow Pro combination Magnetic/Paper Bed filter is designed to reduce PPM while at the same time reducing over-all consumption of filter media providing a substantial cost savings. Filter Media is available in multiple types, micron ratings, and sizes for any application.

The filters are available as stand alone units or as custom systems specific to an application. Each system can be built with optional equipment such as Pumps, Transfer Tanks, Custom Clean Coolant Tanks ( carbon steel or stainless steel), Chillers, Conveyors, and Automatic Coolant Make-Up Systems.

Like the standard Paper Beds, each of the combination units are configured by filter area and flow rate, and range anywhere from 10 gallons per minute up to 200 gallons per minute. Flow rates are based on water based coolant. Flow rates for oil applications are reduced by up to 50%.

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